Is It Safe To Give My Tortoise Lettuce


Your tortoise’s diet is perhaps the most important part of caring for your pet tortoise. It can be the difference between your tortoise having a long and healthy life and your tortoise suffering from illness and poor health. Its important to do your own research so that you understand what the correct diet is for your tortoise is so that you can provide the best possible care. However there is one food that nearly everyone has in their fridge, is cheap to buy and abundant, the humble lettuce. So is it safe for your tortoise to eat lettuce, lets take a look.

A tortoise can eat lettuce as long as it is part of a healthy and well balanced diet. However, it should never be the mainstay of a tortoises diet. This is due to the lack of nurturance found in lettuce. It will always need to be supplemented with other tortoise friendly foods such as weeds and other more nutritional vegetables. If you do wish to feed your tortoise lettuce then we recommended darker green lettuce such as lambs lettuce due to the slightly higher nutritional value.

While lettuce may be safe for your tortoise to eat and often easily available it should never be used as the mainstay of a tortoises diet. Instead it should be used sparingly alongside other more nutritional foods. If you want to know more and understand why all lettuces are not created equally then we have you covered bellow.

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So is lettuce good or bad for my tortoise

First of all its important to understand that lettuce is perfectly safe for your tortoise to eat. The only problem is that is offers little in the way of nutritional value.

For a tortoise to be happy and healthy it needs a diet that is high in calcium and fibre while also been low in sugar, fat, and protein. The problem here is that while lettuce doesn’t contain any of the sugar, fat and protein that is bad for your tortoise it also contains very little calcium and fibre that your tortoise needs to grow and stay healthy. From a nutritional view it simply has very little to offer.

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While some forms of lettuce may contain a decent amount of vitamin A, needed to help your tortoises growth and immune system, it contains very little in the way of other vitamins your tortoise requires.

One of things that lettuce does have going for it is its high water content that can help keep your tortoise hydrated. However this does not of set its lack of nutritional value and your tortoise should always have access to fresh clean drinking water at all times.

If your tortoise has a fondness for lettuce then there is absolutely nothing wrong in adding it in occasionally to the weeds and other more nutritional vegetables that will make a the mainstay of your tortoises diet. However, it must never be the mainstay of your tortoises diet as this would lead to nutritional deficiencies and poor health.

Preparation Befor Feeding Lettice to my tortoise

If you do decide to feed your tortoise lettuce then we recommended against feeding it to your tortoise straight out the packet.

When feeding your tortoise any sort of vegetable it always important to make sure that it is thoroughly washed before by hand. This is because lettuce and any other vegetable can contain residual dirt, trace amounts of fertiliser, pesticides and harmful bacteria such as E.coli. We recommended washing all the vegetables you give your tortoise even it the packet says the vegetables are pre washed. Its always safer to do a thorough wash yourself.

When it comes to chopping the lettuce this one is entirely up to you. It might be necessary to chop up the lettuce to fit into a feeding bowl but you tortoise will be perfectly happy to munch through it un-chopped.

What type of Lettuce Should I Give My Tortoise

Not all lettuce it created equal as some do offer more nutritional value than others. As a general rule if you do choose to feed your tortoise lettuce we recommended a dark green and leafy lettuce such as lambs lettuce. Lets take a look at the different types of lettuce and what the have to offer for your tortoise.

Lambs Lettuce

If your going to feed your tortoise lettuce then lambs lettuce is our recommendation.

Lambs lettuce is especially high in vitamin C, which is great for your tortoises immune system, holding three times as much as other lettuces

This lettuce while containing more nutrition for your tortoise than other lettuces is slightly more expansive and slightly harder to find. Although better than other lettuces due to it holding slightly more nutritional value than other lettuces. its not as good as recommended tortoise food such as weeds

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is also one the we recommended for your tortoise but again only as a suppliant to your tortoise main diet.

As with Lambs lettuce it is fairly high in vitamin C but lack other nutrition important for your tortoise. As with other lettuce it is cheep and easy to find at any supermarket.

Iceberg Lettuce

Perhaps the best known of the the lettuces but unfortunately the one with the least nutritional value.

It does however contain a lot of water which can be good to help your tortoise stay hydrated.

It is easy to find and cheap but has non of the nutrition that a tortoise needs to grow and stay healthy and therefore it should only be used as the occasional treat for your tortoise.

Red Leaf Lettuce

Red Leaf lettuce is much the same as Iceberg Lettuce in regards to nutritional value. Although as with Iceberg Lettuce it does hold a lot of water that can help to keep your tortoise hydrated.

Again we recommend that you only give your tortoise Red Leaf Lettuce as an occasional treat

Final Thoughts

Lettuce is cheap and easy to find but it simply doesn’t have the necessary nutrition for your tortoise to stay well and healthy if it is used to make the main part of your tortoises diet.

If you are going to give your tortoise lettuce as the occasional treat then we highly recommended going with Lambs Lettuce or Romaine Lettuce due their higher concentration of vitamin C. However, while the high water content may help your tortoise stay hydrated this does not offset the lack of nurturance.

It is also very important to properly prepare the lettuce before feeding it to your tortoise by washing the lettuce thoroughly even it is says prewashed on the package.

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